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    Learn How to Optimize Employee Engagement and Performance to Achieve Positive Outcomes

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    Written for new and experienced social services managers and supervisors alike, Responsive Leadership in Social Services provides the practical tools, strategies, and insights to inspire, motivate, and engage employees and staff. Along with over 100 strategies and two simple tools—the Key Performance Motivators Scale (KPMS) and the Preferred Leadership Profile (PLP)—a wealth of practice wisdom, scholarship, and evidence-based research demonstrate the role of effective leadership and how it achieves positive client outcomes.
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    Enhance Employee Motivation and Achieve Preferred Client Outcomes

    “Responsive Leadership has enhanced our capacity more than any other approach undertaken... de Groot’s approach has improved employee and client outcomes.” - Dr. John Colangeli, CEO

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    Key Features of this Book

    • A wealth of scholarship, research and evidence-based practice examples are presented to demonstrate the inextricable link between quality leadership and preferred employee and client outcomes.
    • Addresses the need for staff development, motivation, and enthusiasm to inspire positive staff outcomes.
    • 100’s of practical and proven strategies for enhancing employee motivation, enthusiasm and performance to inspire positive outcomes.
    • A process guide for decreasing employee opposition and resistance addresses one of the most challenging areas for all managers and supervisors.
    • A variety of case studies, anecdotes, and examples demonstrate each concept introduced.
    • Summaries of important points and Leader Reflections at the end of every chapter allow readers to connect with their own experiences to enhance their leadership capacity and overall efficacy.
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  • Maximizing Motivation comes recommended by 100% of all participants. In this Engaging and dynamic 1 hour DVD Stephen de Groot will transform the way you think about motivation for yourself and people around you.

    You Will Learn:

    • How to Positively Influence ALL People
    • Ensure Buy-in for Important Decisions
    • Motivation in the Most Simple and Practical Way
    • The 4 Key Sources to Motivation for ALL People
    • Simple Tools for Quick “Sources of Motivation” Assessment
    DVD comes with a detailed PARTICIPANT GUIDE so that learning can be immediately applied into practice.

    Intended Audience

    Everyone and anyone supporting, leading and/or developing the potential capacities of themselves and other people. People who are serious about value-driven impact and positive results that last! What people are saying about Maximizing Motivation:
    • ‘This one hour was the best training in my 20 year career."
    • "Gets to the heart of making a difference."
    • "Funny, informative, clear, concise- great things to think about. Inspiring!"
    • "Engaging, meaningful, enlightening- lots of tips and tricks for both my own personal development and that of my staff and family."
    DVD and Participant Guide-$49.99 + GST

    Shipping and Handling

    Within Canada: $4.99 Within US: $6.99 International: $12.99