Myriad offers an array of services to meet a diverse set of professional needs, values and key corporate objectives whether you are looking to build the professional ability of one individual or enhance the capacity of a large organization.  Stephen de Groot and the Myriad team maintain the knowledge, skill and experience to ensure attainment of your specific professional development priorities.

Our Services


The Myriad team is comprised of a variety of talented people with an immense repertoire of knowledge, skills and experience. Myriad is represented by a diverse group of men and women who have committed themselves to cultivating, building and enhancing the capacities of the people, groups, and organizations that they partner with. We specialize in helping people design, build and deliver programs that are simple, practical and immediately operational in areas such as:


Stephen de Groot and the Myriad team are known for the design, development and delivery of inspirational training and training experiences that deliver immediate impact. The team is comprised of highly talented facilitators, well versed in adult education principles and a unique ability to connect with people at any and all levels. All trainings are tailor-made to meet the unique and diverse needs, values and goals of individuals, teams and organizations. Our learning environments, regardless of the topic or number of participants, are constructed to provide the greatest learning experiences and are built to transform the way you see, think, feel and do everything!

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Four Dimensional (4D) Leadership Development, also known as “Executive Coaching”, presents supervisors, managers and executives a fresh opportunity to enhance their knowledge and skill capacities as effective and successful leaders. 4D Leadership Development can benefit all leaders, including already successful ones. This is accomplished through strengths-based and individualized, leader-responsive tools and strategies which offer leaders a facilitative process to:

  • Access supportive and collaborative external supervision
  • Enhance and/or implement vision, mission alignment
  • Connect with purpose and establish or synchronize immediate, intermediate and long-term personal and/or professional goals
  • Learn how to develop and support motivated, focussed, enthusiastic staff
  • Enhance relationship and communication skills
  • Brainstorm, plan and try out new ideas
  • Deal effectively with specific workplace and/or staff challenges
  • Enhance problem solving skills
  • Manage conflict and “crisis” situations more effectively
  • Enhance team building and facilitation skills
  • Reduce and manage stress
  • Develop work-life balance
  • … and so much more


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