Myriad Consulting is excited to offer values and strengths based approaches to team capacity building in areas such as personal and professional relationships, communication, collaboration, accountability, team cohesion, productivity, and effectiveness.  Our objective is to provide you with engaging, fun, inspiring, thought provoking and exceptionally productive team capacity building initiatives that demonstrate true results.  We work with you to develop meaningful, valuable and relevant team-centered experiences.

Whether you are looking to enhance relationships, processes, organizational dimensions or dynamics, Myriad will develop an experience that accommodates your diverse and unique needs, goals, and priorities.

Please be sure to check out some of our team building session options and the Myriad guarantee!


  • Team Dynamics – Building stronger teams
  • Fight Club – Perfecting the art of resilience
  • Leadership Las Vegas – Risk taking
  • The United Nations – Global Teams, culture, diversity
  • The Leadership Retreat
  • The Executive Retreat