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Motivating the Unmotivated: Practical Strategies for Enhancing Performance
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The Best One-Day Project Management Training Ever!
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Whether you want to strengthen a small team or enhance the capacity of a large organization, Myriad Consulting has developed a series of training options that will help you do just that. We offer an array of educational opportunities to enhance: value alignment, operationalization of values, mission, planning, best practices, productivity, climate, culture and beyond.

Our Organizational Development training has been developed to ensure that the learning process goes beyond simple knowledge and skill acquisition, to comprehensive integration and sustainability. Our unique set of courses is results-oriented and will fortify your company’s capacity to deliver the greatest possible outcomes consistently and efficiently.

Organizational Development Series

This unique series of trainings are focused on Organizational Development and will enhance your organizational capacity.  The learning goes beyond simple knowledge and skill acquisition to comprehensive integration and sustainability. We have educational opportunities whether you’re looking to enhance value alignment, operationalization of values, mission, planning, practices, and beyond.


  • Preferred Leadership Profile
  • How to Lose Your Best Employee
  • Organizational KUDOS: Knowledge, Understanding, Doing, Operationalization, Sustainability
  • From Vision to Mission and Beyond
  • Leadership Integrity: Walking the Walk
  • Never Stumble In a Meeting Ever Again!
  • Building Project Teams that Inspire Results
  • Leadership During Business Continuity
  • A Raise or Praise?:  The Importance of Relevant Employee Recognition
  • Inspiring Employees to Perform
  • Re-paving the Road to Burnout
  • Our Organization is Great – Now what?

Team Building Series

Myriad Consulting is excited to offer values and strengths based approaches to team capacity building in areas such as personal and professional relationships, communication, collaboration, accountability, team cohesion, productivity, and effectiveness.  Our objective is to provide you with engaging, fun, inspiring, thought provoking and exceptionally productive team capacity building initiatives that demonstrate true results.  We work with you to develop meaningful, valuable and relevant team-centered experiences.

Whether you are looking to enhance relationships, processes, organizational dimensions or dynamics, Myriad will develop an experience that accommodates your diverse and unique needs, goals, and priorities.


  • Team Dynamics – Building stronger teams
  • Fight Club – Perfecting the art of resilience
  • Leadership Las Vegas – Risk taking
  • The United Nations – Global Teams, culture, diversity
  • The Leadership Retreat
  • The Executive Retreat

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Organizational Development Workshops