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Motivating the Unmotivated: Practical Strategies for Enhancing Performance
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Leading Under Pressure: Brain and Strengths-Based Strategies for Effective Self-Regulation
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Simplifying Leadership: Constructing the Best Leader-Member Experience Ever
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Designed for every level of management, Myriad Leadership courses combine the latest research on leadership effectiveness, the last three decades of Work Motivation Theory and feedback from over 4000+ managers.

Our training operates within the scope of strengths and value based principles, providing a moral and ethical leadership foundation. Myriad’s results-oriented modules not only enhance team engagement, motivation and commitment, they also increase job performance, job satisfaction, organizational commitment and organizational citizenship. Built to provide optimal learning and practical strategies, our modules are simple, practical, impactful and immediately operational.

Best Leadership Series

The Best Leadership Series is strengths and value-based and operates on moral and ethical leadership principles. The objective of our results-oriented modules is to enhance engagement, motivation, commitment, job performance, job satisfaction, organizational commitment, and organizational citizenship. Throughout the series, you will learn practical strategies that are simple, practical, impactful and immediately operational.

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  • Preferred Leadership Profile
  • Responsive Leadership: Using a Moral and Ethical Approach to Motivating Empoyee Performance
  • Responsive Leadership: Relationship and Strengths Based Strategies for Managers and Leaders
  • Mastering The Leader-Member Exchange
  • Fostering The Member-Member Exchange
  • Lead them or Lose them: Practical Strategies for Employee Motivation and Performance
  • Effectively Managing Employee Resistance and Opposition
  • From Resistance to Resilience
  • From Compliance to Reliance
  • Appreciative Strengths Based Strategic Planning
  • 4 Dimensional Leadership and Development (4D)
  • The Art of Responsive and Effective Coaching
  • Leadership Foundations (Beginner)
  • Elite Leadership (Intermediate)
  • I’m a Great Leader – Now What? (Advanced)
  • Executive Leadership

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