There are no limits to the breadth and depth of Myriad learning and development opportunities.  Stephen de Groot and the Myriad team pride themselves on the design, development and delivery of the most comprehensive, relevant and client driven learning experience.  Regardless of topic area, learning and development delivery context or participant group size, all Myriad professional development opportunities are constructed for maximum inspiration, practical applicability and immediate operation.

Our Learning Series

E3 Leadership Development

E3 stands for Elite Employee Engagement. The E3 Leadership curricula and its various modules offer team leads, managers and executives proven strategies for enhancing leadership capacity to maximize employee motivation, engagement and overall performance. All E3 tools and approaches emphasize quality and effective leadership skill development and were designed to be simple, practical, immediately operational and sustainable.

E3 was developed by combining a wealth of scholarship, the latest research and years of practice wisdom regarding the direct impacts quality leadership has on employee motivation, engagement and overall performance. E3 Leadership is grounded in “what works best”; data gathered from thousands of employees and managers’ experiences of great leadership and maximized engagement.

This practical and transformative curricula maintains great potency by merging “what we know works” practice wisdom with Leader-Member Exchange (LMX) Theory, the last 30 years of Work Motivation Theory (WMT), Strengths-Based Practice and Value-Driven Leadership Applications.

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Best Leadership Series

Built for all levels of management, the Best Leadership Series combines the latest research on leadership effectiveness plus the last 3 decades of Work Motivation Theory as well as feedback from over 4000+ managers. This series is strengths and value-based and operates on moral and ethical leadership principles. The objective of our results-oriented modules is to enhance engagement, motivation, commitment, job performance, job satisfaction, organizational commitment, and organizational citizenship. Throughout the series, you will learn practical strategies that are simple, practical, impactful and immediately operational.

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Sales and Business Development Series

This powerful Sales and Business Development Series, designed to help you build a consistent and results driven sales force, provides you with practical, impactful and meaningful strategies sure to transform your team! We provide development in areas such as sales leadership, mentoring, and critical values and strength based client profiling skills.  Myriad’s multi-facetted solution addresses the multi-facetted agendas that sales teams are continuously faced with.

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Organizational Development Series

This unique series of trainings are focused on Organizational Development and will enhance your organizational capacity.  The learning goes beyond simple knowledge and skill acquisition to comprehensive integration and sustainability. We have educational opportunities whether you’re looking to enhance value alignment, operationalization of values, mission, planning, practices, and beyond.

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Team Building Series

Myriad Consulting is excited to offer values and strengths based approaches to team capacity building in areas such as personal and professional relationships, communication, collaboration, accountability, team cohesion, productivity, and effectiveness.  Our objective is to provide you with engaging, fun, inspiring, thought provoking and exceptionally productive team capacity building initiatives that demonstrate true results.  We work with you to develop meaningful, valuable and relevant team-centered experiences.

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Team Consultations

The Myriad team is comprised of a variety of talented people with an immense repertoire of knowledge, skills and experience. Myriad is represented by a diverse group of men and women who have committed themselves to cultivating, building and enhancing the capacities of the people, groups, and organizations that they partner with. We specialize in helping people design, build and deliver programs that are simple, practical and immediately operational.

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Getting to Better Series

This unique, one of a kind series bridges the complex connection between personal and professional relationships, and is designed to enhance the lives of its participants! Relationships can play a major role in the development and existence of stress whether you are at work or at home. Our Getting to Better learning opportunities deal with practical strategies for enhancing communication support, conflict resolution and relationships in general. Our objective is to help individuals identify some of the key areas contributing to relationship stress and provide relevant strategies for enhancing them.

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Certification with Myriad Consulting

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