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Stephen has presented to thousands in the corporate and human services sectors. He believes deeply in making a difference in the lives of people by transforming how they see, think, feel and do everything! His philosophy is straightforward: Make it simple, impactful and immediately operational. Stephen wants to inspire others, but more importantly he desires to engage, empower and equip people with the ability to inspire themselves everyday thereafter.

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Stephen and the Myriad Team can construct and/or tailor-make Specialized Keynote Topics. Some popular Keynote Addresses include:

Leadership & Development

  • Constructing the “Best” Leadership Experience
  • Understanding and Approaching Employee Resistance and Opposition
  • Document! Document! Document! The beginning of the End for the Challenging Employee
  • No News is NOT Good News: Feedback and Impact
  • Great Leaders Swallow Tough Pills!
  • Once Upon a Time, Even the Difficult Employee Ran to Work Excited
  • The Greatest Leadership Experience Ever – 4 Key Factors
  • To Discipline or Not to Discipline: That is not the Question
  • Leadership Matter: The Brain and Effective Self-Regulation
  • Shut Up and Communicate! Practical Strategies for Effective Leadership
  • How to Lose Your Best Employee in 30 minutes or Less!
  • Why Employees Avoid their Bosses and How to avoid this!
  • How to know what you don’t know when you don’t know what you don’t know!
  • Get over yourself! The importance of Employee Perceptions and Quality Leadership
  • You Don’t Know What You Think You Know!
  • Motivating the Unmotivated: Practical Strategies for Enhancing Employee Performance
  • Leading Under Pressure: Brain-Based Strategies for Effective Self-Regulation

Team Building

  • Building Effective Teams in the Face of Change
  • Inspiring Results
  • From Values to Action to Outcomes
  • Strengths Based Team Building
  • Enhancing Board Capacity through Great Leadership
  • Great Leadership, Great Culture!
  • Right Response – Right Time: Altering Employee Trajectories

Getting to Better

  • Trust: It’s Everything! How to Build it and How to Keep it!
  • Becoming Approachable – Simple, Practical and Transformational Strategies
  • Getting to Better: A Simple Recipe For All Relationships
  • What is Great Feedback? How to Give it and Get it!
  • Stress – What We Can Learn from Our Pets.
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