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Maximizing Motivation:
Keys to Influencing Everyone!
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Leading Under Pressure:
Brain and Strengths-Based Strategies for Effective Self-Regulation
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Simplifying Leadership:
Constructing the Best Leader-Member Experience Ever
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Leadership Development

Designed for every level of management, Myriad Leadership courses combine the latest research on leadership effectiveness, the last three decades of Work Motivation Theory and feedback from over 4000+ managers.

Our training operates within the scope of strengths and value based principles, providing a moral and ethical leadership foundation. Myriad’s results-oriented modules not only enhance team engagement, motivation and commitment, they also increase job performance, job satisfaction, organizational commitment and organizational citizenship. Built to provide optimal learning and practical strategies, our modules are simple, practical, impactful and immediately operational.

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Organizational Development

Whether you want to strengthen a small team or enhance the capacity of a large organization, Myriad Consulting has developed a series of training options that will help you do just that. We offer an array of educational opportunities to enhance: value alignment, operationalization of values, mission, planning, best practices, productivity, climate, culture and beyond.

Our training has been developed to ensure that the learning process goes beyond simple knowledge and skill, to comprehensive integration and sustainability. Our unique set of courses is results-oriented and will help your company deliver the greatest possible outcomes consistently and efficiently.

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Inspirational Workshops

The Myriad team has a proven track record in developing and facilitating incredible training experiences that are simple, practical, impactful and immediately operational. The team has worked with more than 250 organizations and has provided great learning and development experiences to more than 20, 000 people.

Feedback and testimonials gathered from participants clearly and consistently state that Stephen de Groot and Myriad Consulting training and development sessions are among the best professional experiences they have ever had. In fact, 100% of more than 3000 supervisors, managers and executives recommend Stephen de Groot’s exceptional leadership training.

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